Bucket List: Fitness Classes

Hello my fabulous readers ( or reader ~ Hi mom!),

Today I’m going to start with one of the main themes of my blog – bucket lists! I feel like sharing my goals for the future will help me push myself to follow through and hopefully can benefit you too, whether inspiring you to try one of my lists or starting your own.

The bucket list on the top of my mind right now is fitness classes. I have this desire to get my entire body in shape, rather then just being a cardio junkie ( not to say that I’m really in cardio shape either…). This might also party be inspired by my obsession with cop shows; I mean, I need to be ready to kick some bad guy butt!

So here it goes!

1. Ariel Class

I feel like this would get my entire body in shape. Everyone who does these classes appear to be fit head to toe. Plus there would be that awesome instagram pic #basic #basicandokaywithit

2. Rock Climbing

Similar to the ariel class, I feel that taking a rock climbing class would whip my entire body into shape. On top of this, I’d be ready to scale a mountain to save somebodies life. 10-4, E.

3. Spin Class

Let’s start off by saying I hate riding bikes. When I was little my parents had me ride these super long bike rides with them ( 50 miles when you are 11, no thanks). Even so, I need to workout different parts of my body and I know this is better for your knees.

4. Boxing

One thing I do not have is upper arm strength. The other day I went tubing with my family and the next day I woke up sore. My arms were killing me from simply holding my body on the tube for less than an hour. Sooooooo, embarrassing to say the least. I’ve tried boxing before, and I really liked it. Hopefully I can find a place in NYC that isn’t too intimidating. If you have any suggestions, let me know!

You’re cooler than ice,



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