Obsession: Lipsticks

I am obsessed with lipsticks.

That being said, if you knew me before college you would never have guessed that I’d wear lipstick, let alone the dark colors that are my favorite. Don’t get me wrong, I totally was on the lip gloss bandwagon when the Clique books were poplar in middle school. I mean who didn’t want to be Massie? I’m pretty sure I was meaner and sassier when reading those books. I really should have been more like my best friend who read books set in the past and then would have super proper english. She always makes me smile when says “Pardon” to this day.

Back on topic, now I am always applying lipstick when I am going out or dressing up. In my internship today, I threw on a bright red crayon lipstick. When I’ve gone to parties in the past, I’ve loaded up with tons of colors. For some reason I just feel classier with lipstick on, and if I am being honest, I feel like I’m a little like T-swift.

Even so, I wear lipstick because it makes me feel good – not for anybody else. When I was younger I remember feeling so embarrassed about the size of my lips and I didn’t want anything to bring attention to them. Now I am comfortable with my body, and yes, that includes my 32A sized chest.


If you have any lipstick recommendations, let me know. The darker the better!

You are as cute as a button,



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