Loved: Orient, NY

Recently I went on vacation with my family to Orient, NY.

Some background: We’ve been going here for years. When I was younger my disappoint that we’d trek out East from NYC was easily read on my face ( my family tells me I’m bad at hiding my emotions. there goes my chances at being a spy….) I always felt there was nothing to do, and I was just trapped in a house in the middle of no where.

Now that I am older and can appreciate the slower pace of life, I’ve discovered there are some really cool things about and around Orient.

  1. Love Lane Kitchen – go here on a date. It’s super romantic and cute. That being said, there’s still a bar with TVs for you sports loving peeps.
  2. First and South – go there for drinks. Their fries are amazing and all the drinks come in mason jars. Don’t stay for a whole meal though – the menu is too limited.
  3. Antique Carousel – fun for all ages. I went on with one of my friends from college. We had a blast. It was only two dollars, but we laughed our butts off and got super insta worthy pics ( isn’t that what it is all about?).
  4. Orient by the Sea – good for dinner on the water. The pricing is a little high for what it is, but that also could be bias since the menu and restaurant recently changed up a bit. Either way, it’s right on the water and has a decent amount of seafood and other options for people who don’t like seafood (like me!).
  5. Boating – a great way to cool off. Whether you rent a boat or know someone who has one, boating is a great way to spend your Saturday out in Orient, especially if you go tubing. Word of the wise – wear something to protect your arms from getting beat up.

I’m nuts about you,



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