Obsession: Baseball Hats

Clearly I have an addiction… an addiction to being obsessed.

For some reason, I can never just like something. It’s either something in my life that’s okay ( broccoli for example) or something I can’t live without (like ice cream). Sophomore 20 here I come!

My most recent obsession came out of no where. I used to hate wearing hats, especially baseball hats. I didn’t like them, especially on girls. Thinking back, that was a super anti-feminist statement to think. I thought baseball hats didn’t look good on me because of my gender?? WHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME.


That’s a great thing about college – it’s all about growth. So as I’ve grown (like in regards to gender roles and stereotypes), I’ve become more open to things I once shut down.

Baseball hats are fabulous. They make a bad hair day look good. They make a good hair day look better. They make great hair day unforgettable.


Me in some hats ~ baseball hats to be exact.

Haters gonna HAT,



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