Obsession: Acai Bowls

So this post is about acai bowls…. SHOCKER I KNOW!

In all seriousness, maybe I should consider naming my posts titles something different so the content of the post is a surprise? We all need a little spice in our life, right?! Let me know your thoughts.

Back on topic, I love acai bowls. My best friend and blogger Adrienne- Avec Adrienne (her blog) – got me started on them.They are a super healthy way to feel full, but not the gross stuffed feeling. Plus they can be a range of calories depending on what you put in them. I tend to love anything with peanut butter. 

You can go to a fancy juice place ( they are EVERYWHERE) or make your own. I’m lazy, so I tend to grab one in NYC for a refreshing meal ( let’s be honest, a snack for a my food addicted self). That being said, they are super easy to make, so if you are even a tad more skilled them me, you should totally make your own!

Here’s a picture of one I got from Juice that I threw in a different bowl to make look homemade. I guess I kind of ruined the “homemade” aspect by telling you… whoops!

Acai Bowl and Salad

We go together like peanut butter and jelly,


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