Love: Dorm/Apt Decorations!

I move into my new apartment/dorm this Friday and I’ve been searching Pinterest for ideas! These are the links to the projects I’ve pinned so far that I want to try out this year.

  1. This makeup storage idea in rose gold! 10a9b31a9c0a67d22d7771a2ec148224
  2. These cute map ideas.
  3. This calendar                                                   21bd1fc55a68497c7cc61b211690c68b
  4. This mirror decoration! 7b16e32024b849e4fc50aab7b20e30c3
  5. This cute cart idea – I’ve also seen it used for a bar cart! d50b60425d3fa2cd7838f231095f91b0
  6. These wall decors!

    Let me know any apartment decorations you are thinking about!

Cheers to the new  {school} year,



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