Obsessed: Tea

You can’t be everyone’s cup of tea, so you might as well just be you. #WiseWordWednesday

I am obsessed with tea.

I didn’t always love tea. When I was younger, I was extremely grossed out that my mom drank tea and always gagged as I poured her whole milk into a lipton tea. Since then, I’ver come to realize the many health benefits of tea. Not only do I enjoy the health benefits of tea, but ever since I started to include tea in my relaxing routine just having a cup of tea puts me at ease.


Drinking green tea really helps you digestive track. This weekend I spent at my grandmothers ( hey grandma!) and she only had lipton and I noticed an obvious difference when going to the bathroom. ( Tmi?? I don’t care..!) I feel so much healthier and less bloated. It’s a real life saver when you are a college student and often eating carb heavy meals like pasta.

2. Weight Loss

Green tea helps you burn fat. Need I say more?

3. Kills bacteria

Apple a day keeps the doctor away? #WiseWordWednesday

See a dentist less and get sick less often.

4. Helps keep blood sugar low.

5. Energy!

Green tea has more caffeine than black tea, but doesn’t give you that crash that coffee does. I was drinking tons of coffee at work and then was coming home to crashing big time. I couldn’t understand why I needed to take a nap after work all the time until my bestie pointed out that I was having caffeine crashes from all the coffee I was drinking. I’ve been drinking tons of green tea at work and have been feeling energized without the crash.

6. Relaxing.

While this has been mostly about green tea, there’s a million types of tea and they all have different benefits. Drinking chamomile can help you sleep. Plus brands like Yogi have teas for everything from energy to detox.


Enjoy your tea,



12 thoughts on “Obsessed: Tea

  1. I surprisingly like green tea too after trying it this year. Before that, when it came to trying some other teas I was trying Chamomile, which I don’t instantly dislike, but I don’t like either.

    Blackcurrant tea is the longest alternative tea I have been drinking now and again and I like Earl Grey, but with milk.
    My regular tea and coffee are both decaf and following on from my green tea, I tried green tea plus from Holland and Barrett and I like it.


    1. Those are some good suggestions! I will have to try them out. I’ve been drinking Bigelow Green Tea because the big box comes with small packages of four tea bags so that they stay fresh longer. I take them in my bag to refresh my thermos in between class! My issue is I like things sweet. My office has this sweeter that looks healthy but is artificial. Thoughts?

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      1. I personally do not use sugar or sweetener. The only time something sweet comes into my diet is when I have like a cake or biscuit, but rest of the time I like to avoid or keep to a minimum, like I do with my salt.. 🙂

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  2. I still have my moments, like for example the past two weeks I have seem to be eating cake or chocolate. So it can be hard. Up till then, I have been stable for nearly last 2 years with how I eat in general the last two years.

    I don’t have a natural sweet tooth, like I never have had sugar in my tea or coffee, or added to cerals for example, so this helped when I first started, with the motivation and determination of my health in general. This is what I remind myself to keep doing what I am doing.


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