Love:Blend it Up

Recently I’ve been trying to eat more vegetables. I feel that ever since I got my own kitchen in my dorm/apt my go to is a meat and an easy side like rice. While that may be convenient, I’ve found myself not feeling too great. I did a little bit of research and found that I probably am missing some vitamins.


That being said, I don’t love how vegetables taste, so I’ve been mixing them into smoothies. If you add a strong fruit like mango or pineapple you really can’t taste any of the “green” of the green smoothie. So pull out your blender and mix up your diet 🙂

Things veggies do for you!

1.Reduce blood cholesterol levels

Somehow at 20 ( turning 21 next month!) I have high cholesterol, or at least I did when I was younger. I’ve been trying to cut back on red meat, but veggies help too!

2. Keeps your skin and eyes healthy!!!

I’ve recently started having to wear glasses ( not that my eyes went bad from a few months of not eating vegetables), and my skin has been crazy. I’ve always struggled with acne. I’ve been on accutane twice, tried every topical out there, and also multiple oral pills to help with acne. I’m on a regimen now that seems to be helping ( let me know if you want to know more about I treat my acne in the comments!) but every bit helps so I’ll keep eating my veggies.

3. Helps your gums.

I am the worth with flossing. Enough said.

4. Fiber.

Fiber is a key to helping your digestive system and no one wants to be that girl in the I love my LAX commercial. Just no.

5. They taste good!

The more you eat vegetables the more your body craves them. Anything you do consistently for two weeks becomes a habit. Just try it for two weeks!


p.s. Has anyone else read bloom??




9 thoughts on “Love:Blend it Up

  1. I have not read Bloom, but my favourite book that I have had since this year and I always refer back to is Elsa Jones, Goodbye Sugar. I wrote a review of this on my blog. I have a couple of other favourites too, but this one is the main one I pick up.

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