21 {college} memories

Today I turned 21!! This day is super exciting for me, but not for why you think ( Drinking).I’m so elated to turn 21 because it’s the first birthday since I was 11 ( 10 years) where my wish isn’t “to be happy.” I finally there. I’m in a place where I AM HAPPY.

SO cheers to happiness and 21 college memories.

  1. Budapest! Captioned “Buddhist in Budapest”1609794_850047218402531_539192062542868982_n.jpg
  2. Father Madgian’s first selfie! Father Madigan has been a blessing my life since day 1 of freshman year. 12998187_1034216463318938_5166148720399760316_o.jpg
  3. Courtney has been an amazing friend and supported since the day we met in APPA.12967989_1028128257261092_3100100416000369142_o.jpg
  4. Lauren and I met when I was a sophomore naively taking Arabic. While the language was a struggle, her friendship means the world to me!


5. Melissa became my mentor in the spring of my freshman year. She took the lonely, awkward me and love me anyways.


6.  Speaking of mentors, Ryan has been there through the thick and thin. I don’t think any guy as seen me cry this much, except maybe my brother. 12973258_1033559756717942_6400513216798076535_o.jpg

7. This tattoo stands as a reminder in my darkest days that its a BREAKTHROUGH not a breakdown12525293_1018331668240751_6635378474398664467_o.jpg. 8. My best friend took this photo as she always sees the best in me, even when I couldn’t.


9. And here is that best friend! #tbt11096561_1005271339501081_9055060211747475562_n.jpg

10. Here she is again!10985404_849995268407726_7351062739215778020_n.jpg

11. My sophomore year APPA group who all stood by me during the most traumatic and difficult part of my life. 10371271_898669676918495_1765985163759287247_o.jpg


12. My freshman year APPA group who showed me what it means to be authentic. 11008500_10152781387712362_862772091445815125_o.jpg

13. Italy – a time I fell in love, lost that love, and found the strength to fall  love with myself. 13411898_1073221636085087_6479861037503752233_o.jpg14. My high school bestie Adrienne’s 20th bday and Tswift! enough said


15. My family from frisbee. A sport I no longer play, but appreciate for what it gave me. 11070945_10200300893923109_3723000331108538847_n.jpg16.Being a bridesmaid for my adventure buddy12493908_969677069772878_2237066578737617651_o.jpg and best friend.

17.  My cousin who stood by me and helped me learn to fly.


18. My brother. An inspiration, always. 11057782_859587380781848_2510393540489375377_n.jpg

19. New friends that feel like old friends. 14424847_1167896843284232_5085341343855518543_o.jpg20. A shining light since my freshman year, Mila11898513_894573330616586_4379020859897504049_n.jpg21. My roomies from the summer at Georgetown and Kate visiting for a girl’s weekend. The best combo. 14480602_983791608411020_6016226254824880972_o.jpg


4 thoughts on “21 {college} memories

  1. meaningful dragonfly tattoos are the BEST! (mine is two dragonflies that spell out “Beauty for ashes”- a reminder to let go of things that have gone wrong so that my hands are free to receive new, beautiful things instead of holding on to those broken, destroyed dreams/things… (adapted from Isaiah 61:3)

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