An Open Letter To My Best Friend

Hey YOU!!  

This will be us. Image result for best friends old

I think it’s easy to say you love your best friend. They’re your best friend, so duh it’s implied. That being said, I honestly believe in Aristotle’s three types of friendship.

RECAP on Aristotle:  

  1. Friends of utility: They are on you lacrosse team and can drive you to lax practice = now we are friends! 
  2. Friends of pleasure: We both love to shop #besties
  3. Friends of the good: Where both people admire the other’s goodness and help one another strive for goodness.

As my favorite Father Madigan pointed out my freshman year, most people only have one friend of the good in their life, maybe two or three if they are extremely blessed. So I guess when I say you are my best friend, I mean so much more than that.

I love your unwavering faith that it will all work out. I love your confidence. I love your creativity, whether in your flawless dance style or quirky gloving. I love your dedication to pursue education in what you love. I love your style. I love your endless love to your sister. I love your true respect for other cultures and beliefs. I love that you stay up to 4 am, when I think it is pass my bedtime at 10pm. I love your ability to make anything fun. I love your your willingness to explore.

You stuck by me on my darkness moments. Saw strength inside of me when I thought any moment I would crumble. You pushed me up the mountain when I thought I was no longer a warrior ~ your term coined.

It’s easy to get scared of the future. Will I survive finals? Will I graduate with honors? Will I get a job? Will I be happy?

Yet, the one thing I don’t have to ever question is whether or not you will be in my life: tomorrow, next year, or thirty years from now.

So while people (lovingly) throw out the term best friend as if we all have a million of them, I am very aware that Aristotle got it right when he said there’s only one Friend of the Good and I sure got it right when I found you.

I love you more than any letter could say.

I love you Jenny.

~ Mountain Girl; Warrior; Blogger


p.s. Aren’t we cute??




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