LOVE {abroad}

So I’ve been abroad for about a little over a month.

It’s hard to imagine who I was a month ago or even what I pictured abroad would be like prior to arriving.

Since arriving I’ve been happy, excited, elated, curious, upset, offended, grateful, and so much more. I’ve made American friends, even some with connections back to my high school like Elisabeth, I’ve made Greek friends, and I’ve made international friends. They’ve all taught me very different things about what friendships are and outlooks on life. Friends like Sonia and Valentina, two of my international friends, remind me how special I am, and it just shows how love exists everywhere.

I think one of the most interesting things is my relationships with my international and local friends. They’ve been so open and welcoming. It makes me reflect back to how I react and treat study abroad students back at BC.

Abroad has also made me really appreciate my friends at home who continuously check in on me. It means more than you know Jenny, Adrienne, Courtney, Lauren, Mila, Ryan, Father Madigan, and so much more.

Here are some photos of my adventures so far!

IMG_0740.jpg IMG_0675.jpg
IMG_0640.jpg IMG_0646.jpg

IMG_0502.jpg IMG_0621.jpg

IMG_0236.jpg IMG_0322.jpg


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