Traveling SOLO

“Well, won’t you be like… lonely?”

This was a question I received more often than not by anybody I explained that I planned a solo trip across Europe after my time abroad in Greece for school. Honestly, it’s something that I considered myself too. I’m a weird mix of extrovert and introvert – I love being by myself more than I like being in big groups since being alone allows me to recharge. Yet, when I am with people I talk a lot, I mean A LOT. All that considered, I also know that traveling with other people can be stressful, and on top of that, you have to consider EVERYONE’s plans into one itinerary.

Traveling alone gave me the ability to be selfish but in a good way. I got chose exactly where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do when I got there. It also allowed me a ton of flexibility, so if one day I slept in or another day I wanted to jam pack my day, there was no one there to complain or comment on my choices.

Originally I planned to blog each stop, but then I traded that in for making new friends, self-care, and really focusing on the point of my trip – to do something just for me. 

So here’s a brief synopsis of my trip.

  1. Arrive at Crete. Move into a hostel with some cool girls and creeeeeppyyyy old guy. Explore Crete with these girls, now considered friends. Have my face attacked by bugs and shower in a bathroom where the toilet occupy the same one ft by one ft space.  Repeat for 4 days.


class mammalia




2. Arrive in Prague. Exchange money – WHY IF THIS IS ALL EUROPE CAN THEY NOT ALL USE THE EURO??? I check out some really cool museums that actually relate to what I’ve learned in school. I feel like I could make one of those posters that answer kids questions ‘When will I ever use this in real life.” There’s a lot of history regarding the Jews, which makes me sad thinking of the Holocaust, but also proud that so much of their history and way of life has been preserved by these countries.

class mammalia.jpg3. Arrive in Slovakia. The city is much smaller than expected, but the hostel is interesting with its own bar and lounge. Go on a free tour that leads me to making new friends. Our shoes sealed the deal.

IMG_1941.jpg     IMG_1923.jpg

4. Arrive in Croatia. This hostel felt like home and so did the friends I made. We made a bunch of meals together and chatted endlessly about our opinions on subjects ranging from controversial to love.


Traveling solo helped affirm how strong I am, how I can react to last minute problems, and how I adapt to constantly changing environments. While I am nervous about entering my last year of university, this trip assured me that I can not only handle it but fully embrace the next chapter in my life.

Keep exploring,



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